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Canvas news

Canvas news
september 26, 2013 Sus Bojesen

At Kay Bojesen, we are super excited about the new products that we have on the way; namely a canvas bib, a canvas place mat, and a 16-piece canvas wrapping. The canvas bib serves as a wrapping for the 2-pieces children’s cutlery set: The pusher and the handle spoon. The canvas place mat is wrapped around the 3-pieces children’s cutlery set: The spoon fork, the child’s spoon and the child’s knife. The 16-piece canvas wrapping is an aesthetic and practical way to store the cutlery in the drawer, and the feeling of rolling out the cutlery gives a feeling of handling a butcher’s tools.

The canvas will be in the webshop and in stores from medium October. All cutlery comes in both matte and polished steel.

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